About WalesHousing.org

WalesHousing.org is a Welsh Assembly funded project that began in April 2010. The aim of the project was to provide each Council in Wales with a housing advice website that they could build and maintain in-house. The initial stage of the project ended in March 2011.

The WalesHousing.org project was initiated as a result of Cardiff's own housing advice site, CardiffHousing, which was seen as 'Best Practice' in providing advice via the internet on housing related issues.

Three co-ordinators in the North, South East and West of Wales were selected to deliver the project, each working closely with the Councils within their district. The success of the project can instantly be seen by the number of Councils participating in the project.


There are two versions of the advice site, one developed in PHP at Cardiff and the other in SharePoint at Carmarthenshire. Both versions provide participating Councils with an easy-to-use content management system so that they can build pages and content without the need for any web design knowledge.

There are visual differences between the two versions but the end result of providing good quality housing advice is clearly evident in both. It is hoped that each site will grow naturally over time with the dedication and commitment of all those who have been involved with the project.